About The winery


The winery has one of the largest raw material based in Russia - vineyards with an area of more than 4,000 hectares, as well as a grape nursery (600,000 grafted seedlings per year). «Fanagoria» viticulturists annually harvest up to 30,000 tons of grape. The maximum age of the vines is 40 years (planted in 1982).

The history of the company began in 1957, when the Sennovskiy Vinopunkt was founded (since 1963 wine and juice factory, which later became the largest in the USSR and the 2nd largest producer of natural grape juices in Europe). It was the supplier of variety grape juices for the Olympics 1980 and the Festival of Youth and Students 1985. Raw materials were supplied to the winery by the Fanagoria winery, which was engaged in the cultivation of grapes. In 1992 the two companies were merged, and in 1996 they were transformed into the Open Joint-stock company "Agroindustrial firm “Fanagoria”.

The main priority in the company's work is high quality. Our terroir wines have deservedly taken first places in professional contests and tastings, and are highly appreciated by the world's leading experts. Today products under the brand "Fanagoria" are supplied to the majority of Russian regions and abroad

The company does not intend to reduce the pace of development. We are confident in the further formation of wine consumption culture and the great future of Russian winemaking!

Noblesse Oblige

High quality is Fanagoria’s main priority. Our terroir wines get the top medals at international competitions and the highest appraisals from the world’s leading wine critics. Wines of Fanagoria are distributed in major Russian regions and beyond Russia. Fanagoria’s specific advantage is capability to control the full production cycle, from the young vine nursery and cooperage to the high-end winery and distillery. Fanagoria offers to customers all possible products that could be crafted from grapes: still and sparkling wines, grape vodka and aged brandies, grape juice and grapeseed oil

Fanagoria Terroirs

The Taman peninsula is part of the moderate climate vine-growing belt stretched alongside of the 45th parallel – the latitude of such historical winemaking regions as Bordeaux, Rhone Valley, Piedmont, Veneto and Oregon. The peninsula is nearly fully surrounded with the water – the Black Sea and the Taman Bay on the south, the Sea of Azov on the north, and the Strait of Kerch on the west. This neighborhood determines important softening impact on the local climate making it milder round the year. Taman is mostly flat, and the lack of protection from the mountains causes periodical penetration of continental air masses from the vast East European and Asiatic steppes. Combination of these factors makes Taman climate unique, while constant and natural ventilation of the vineyards gives the grapes rare opportunity of well-balanced ripening.

Specific feature of the local scenery is several dozens of mud volcanoes scattered throughout the peninsula. Wine experts believe that volcanic clay lets the local wines attain authentic mineral nuances.

Another local terroir peculiarity is alluvial soil on the former riverbed of Kuban, where the part of Fanagoria’s vineyards are now grown.

The total area of the vineyards belonging to Fanagoria, exceeds 4000 hectares. This gives the company an opportunity of sustainability and guarantees the consistence of its quality.

Own wine is aged in own barrels

Since 2011 Fanagoria winery has its own cooperage, where it produces barrels under the brand name "Old Russian Oak" for aging wine and distillates. The barrels of 30 to 600 liter capacity are made of the Caucasian oak and are used within the company as well as by other wineries in Russia and abroad. Fanagoria barrels are made of oak, which grows in Adygea region and in the foothills of the Caucasus. For cooperage use it becomes suitable at the age of 80 to 120 years.