Fanagoria Estate Winery (OAO APF Fanagoria) is a major Russian full-cycle winemaking facility. Fanagoria produces grafted grapevines, processes grapes, crafts and markets several kinds of alcohol beverages: still, sparkling, ice, liqueur and late harvest wines, brandies and grape marc vodka, as protected geographical indication (Kuban. Taman peninsula) and protected appellation of origin (Sennoi) products. In 2019, Fanagoria resumed the production of varietal grape juices. The total yearly output exceeds 20 million litres. The lines A Hundred Shades, Cru Lermont, Autochthon, F-Style, Signature Wine and Vintage, as well as sparkling, late harvest and ice wines, brandies and grape marc vodka are crafted exclusively from own grapes grown in the historical winemaking region of Phanagoria, located in the Taman peninsula between the Taman Bay of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

The total area of the Winery’s vineyard facility exceeds 3,400 hectares. The annual grape yield approximates 30,000 tons. The Company also has a grapevine nursery (600,000 grafted young vines a year). The oldest living vines were planted in 1982 (37 y.o.).

The history of the Winery began in 1957 with the foundation of Sennoi Wine Post (from 1963, Wine and Juice factory which soon became the biggest in the USSR and the second biggest in Europe producer of grape juices). Fanagoria was the caterer of grape juices for the 1980 Olympic Games and 1985 Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow. The grapes were delivered by Fanagoriysky State Farm. In 1992, the two entities merged and in 1996 they were reorganised into a public joint-stock company (Fanagoria Estate Winery).

Over the past five years, Fanagoria has invested over a billion roubles into its viticulturist and winemaking facilities. Now the Winery has a 3,000 sq m underground wine cellar, used to mature wine in oak casks and in bottles. Fanagoria is the only winery in Russia that has its own cask production facility: the corporate cooperage makes 30 to 600 litre barrels from Caucasian oak (80- to 120-year-old trees), and oak staves. The coopers fully control the production process, starting with purchases of oak logs in the woods and processing them in the wood-processing shop. 

Since 2004, Fanagoria has been consulted by the Australian flying oenologist, John Worontschak. For the premium extensions, the viticulturists perform a set of agrotechnical operations, including leaf removal and green harvest. It allows us to craft supreme-quality beverages that take prizes at the world’s most prestigious contests held in the UK, Austria, France, Slovakia, China, Japan, and Russia.

Fanagoria products are marketed practically in all federal and regional retail chains, and in the Winery’s own wine stores. The wines are exported to China, Germany, Japan, and duty-free shops. In 2019, Fanagoria became the wine sponsor of the Septembre Musical festival in Montreux, Switzerland.