Monegasque Prime Minister Highly Assesses Fanagoria Wines

Fanagoria Estate Winery took part in the international exhibition and tasting festival, the Russian-French Gastronomic Seasons, held on October 18–20 in Monaco. This annual event is known to summon Michelin-starred chefs from France, Monaco and Russia.

Mikhail Leluk, Fanagoria Estate Winery Export Manager: “Fanagoria was an active participant of Made in Russia, a project of the Russian Export Centre, aimed at popularisation of Russian non-oil-and-gas export. Despite the fact that we were for the first time presenting our wines in Monaco, our wines received favourable comments from many visitors. In particular, Mr. Serge Telle, Monegasque Prime Minister, tasted A Hundred Shades of Red. Saperavi 2016 and then personally invited several guests to our stand, and himself returned to us more than once. On the whole, the feedback was very positive – visitors tasted our wines and were surprised to see such quality.”

The Russian-French Gastronomic Seasons is a unique dialogue of national cultures held in the language of haute cuisine. Its program was based on the menu for four hands as a sign of cooperation between Russian chefs working outside Russia with virtuosi of the Monegasque gastronomic stage.

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