Look at Fanagoria Harvesting from a Londoner's Viewpoint

Fanagoria Blog

In my latest visit I came with Jamie Goode, the famous UK journalist and blogger and we saw harvest in full swing at Fanagoria. The silvery light of autumn bathed the vineyards large and healthy crop of sweet grapes in an almost surreal light.

The Sparkling wine bases have already been picked and the Chardonnay especially was looking very good. Chardonnay for NR was beginning to come in to the winery and the taste of the juice and analysis looked promising.

New processes and procedures are being implemented by the busy winery staff utilising the latest and most modern new technologies that enhance the traditional methods of the age old craft of winemaking.

Jamie was amazed with the quality of Russian wines and I cant wait to taste the new fresh young wines in November!

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