Grape Harvesting Season Finishes

The Fanagoria Group of Companies finished the 2020 grape harvest on October 16.

For those who like figures, here are some data from this year’s vintage:

From the area of 3,400 hectares, 29,779 tons of grapes were harvested from the Company’s vineyards located in the Taman peninsula, including 28,646 tons of wine grapes that went to Fanagoria’s winery. (Russian statistics traditionally calculates vintages on thousands of tons rather than hectoliters, as it is done in the West.)

The harvest began on August 12 (like in 2019, which was a little bit earlier than the average many-year beginning date.

Every day during the harvesting season, the winery received cca. 600 to 700 tons of grapes. The grapes were picked with the help of harvesting combines and manually – for higher-end wines.

Due to the arid summer, the total vintage was by approx. 9% lower than last year, when the Company picked 32.635 tons of grapes. Fanagoria CEO Petr Romanishin believes that such decrease should not be critical for his winery: “Despite the lower yield on the whole, we managed to retain the volumes of best grapes that will be used to craft our premium wines,” Mr. Romanishin explained. “The quality of this year’s vintage is very high. When speaking about high-quality winemaking, one should not be seeking very high yields.”

The Fanagoria Group of Companies is one of Russia’s biggest full-cycle wineries. The Company crafts the whole spectrum of grape-based beverages: still, sparkling, ice and dessert wines, brandy, grape marc vodka and – since 2019 – nonalcoholic grape juice. Fanagoria is the only Russian winery that has own production of oak barrels. The total area of Fanagoria vineyards (young, fruit-bearing, mother vineyards and the nursery) is 3,419 hectares. In 2019, Fanagoria Estate Winery produced over 20 million litres of alcoholic drinks (in January – September 2020, – 19 million litres). Fanagoria delivers to most Russian regions (to nearly all federal and local retail chains, and own retail chain), and exports to China, Japan, Germany and other countries.

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