Fanagoria's First Nouveau Sparkling Wine

In October 2013, Fanagoria Estate Winery released its first young sparklilng - the Fanagoria Muscat Ottonel White Demi-Sec Wine. Its first night took place in Krasnodar on October 26 - 27, during the annual Festival of Young Wines.

This bright-straw-coloured wine with expressed Muscat flavour and notes of white fruit is crafted from Muscat Ottonel grapes grown at Fanagoria's vineyards, using the single-fermentation Charmat technology.

Muscat Ottonel comes from France. It has a strong nutmeg flavour and pleasant palate with prolonged citric aftertaste. It is considered as the best match to almonds. As a digestive, this wine can also be served with desserts, fruits, sweets and ice cream.

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