Fanagoria Winery Reports a Record Grape Yield

In 2016, Fanagoria Estate Winery has processed 36,045 tons of grapes, a record volume for the property. Out of this figure, 34,818 tons were harvested by Fanagoria viticulturists; the rest was taken from local farmers.

“There has been a number of factors contributing to the record: propitious climatic conditions in 2015 that exerted a positive impact upon this year’s yield; a mild winter (all buds had wintered well and gave high yield); and finally this year we were managing two rented vineyards that gave additional harvest,” Head Agronomist Nikolai Moroz was quoted as commenting on the record.

In 2014, Fanagoria processed 25,383 tons of grapes; in 2015, the figure was even less – 21,166 tons.

“In 2014, there were a bunch of local farmers who sent their grapes to Fanagoria; that is why the situation differed so much in these two years,” said Moroz.

Consequently, this year’s grape-processing total is 42% higher than that of 2014, and 70% higher than last year’s.

According to the Krasnodar Region Administration, the total grape yield in the region amounted to 207,300 tons in 2016. The 172,000 tons gathered in the Temriuk rayon made it the regional leader in grape harvesting. Fanagoria’s grape yield thereby amounted to 20% of the rayon’s total.

© Photos by Eugeniy Harlanov (@harlanov)

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