Fanagoria Winery Processes Over 32 K Tons Of Grapes

On 18 October, the 2019 grape harvesting season finished at Fanagoria Estate Winery. In total, the winemakers received 32,635 tons of grapes planted at the corporate vineyards located in the Taman peninsula.

This year’s season began on 12 August – some two weeks earlier than usually, due to the unusually high temperatures in June, and finished also ahead of the usual schedule. During these two months, the winery was receiving from 800 to 1,000 tons of grapes every day. The harvesting was performed both with the help of machines, and manually – for all premium wines, including wines of protected geographical indication and protection appellation of origin.

“We have surmounted the symbolic figure of 30,000 tons,” Petr Romanishin, CEO, noted. “It was for the second time in its history, that the winery processed such volume of grapes. The weather, the expanding area of our vineyard facility, and – what is most importantly – our viticulturists’ efforts guarantee that the 2019 vintage wines will be excellent. Now it’s the winemakers’ turn to proceed.”

The Fanagoria Group of Companies ranks high among Russia’s biggest full-cycle winemakers. It crafts the entire range of grape-based beverages: still, sparkling, ice and sweet wines, brandies, grape pomace vodka, and – since last spring – grape juice. Fanagoria is the only Russian winery that has its own cask production facility. The total area of Fanagoria’s vineyards is 3,419 hectares. The yearly output in 2018 exceeded 22 million litres of alcohol drinks (in January – September 2019 – 15 million litres). Fanagoria delivers to most Russian regions (practically to all federal and regional retail chains and to own retail chain), and exports to China, Japan, Germany and other countries.

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