Fanagoria Tests New Plant Protection Bio Products

Fanagoria viticulturists jointly with specialists from Sumi Agro, a leading worldwide manufacturer of technically advanced products, are monitoring the efficiency of the grapevine protection bio-products supplied by the manufacturer: the pheromone dispenser ShinEtsu® MD L, used for the biocontrol of European grape moth, one of the commonest grapevine pests; and the bio-product Polar® 50 and other products protecting from powdery mildew and grey mould.

European grape moth is the most widely spread grape pest in the Krasnodar region. During the vegetation period, four generations of the moth may develop. At first, the pest annihilates flow buds, then inflorescences, and then green and even maturing fruit. The working principle of pheromone dispensers is that when they are hung over in a vineyard, they disorientate male moths with their smell, preventing them from mating with females. In this case, there is no need to use any chemical pesticides.

Grey mould is a fungus that affects mechanically damaged fruit (insects’ bites), predominantly in damp weather. As a result, grey fuzzy mould appears on the berry which begins to decay and turns inedible and unfit for winemaking purposes. Polar® 50 is a fungicide based on polyoxins. It is a low-hazard substance for the environment and people and harmless for insects-pollinators and predators.

Plant Protection Agronomist Anna Suprunenko and Chief Agronomist Nikolai Moroz are happy with the results of the use of the new products – there were no moths or caterpillars in the monitoring traps, which means that neither pests nor diseases will be threatening the taste of the upcoming vintage.

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