Fanagoria Opens One of Largest Wine Cellars in Russia

On the occasion of its jubilee 60th vintage, Fanagoria Estate Winery has hosted a grand opening of its new underground cellar.

The ceremony was held on 9 November in the 3,000 sq m cellar, designed to accommodate 5,000 wine barrels, a méthode classique sparkling production and maturation facilities, a tasting room with wall niches to store collection wines, and an interactive museum.

Currently the cellar stores over 2,200 barrels from French and American oak, and also from Caucasian durmast oak made by Fanagoria cooperage (Old Russian Oak trademark).

The ceremony was attended by numerous honoured guests – top managers and chief executives of major Russian winemaking companies, nongovernmental organizations, academics, journalists, and federal and regional officials. The list of official attendees included:

  • Yevgeni Gromyko – Deputy Minister for Agriculture of Russia.
  • Irina Fedina – Deputy Director of the Department of Food and Processing Industry, Ministry for Agriculture of Russia.
  • Andrei Korobka – Deputy Governor of Krasnodar region.
  • Vladislav Zaslavsky – Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation.
  • Fedor Dereka – regional Minister for Agriculture and Processing Industry.
  • Oleg Tolmachev – Head of the regional Department of Viticulture and Winemaking.

Besides, Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratiev visited Fanagoria the previous day in the framework of his scheduled visit of Temriuk rayon.

The rich program of the event included:

  • A traditional red tape cutting ceremony.
  • A roundtable devoted to the pressing problems of national viticulture and winemaking.
  • A cellar tour guided by Fanagoria Director General Petr Romanishin and Head Winemaker Yuri Uzunov.
  • An art exposition of Damir Krivenko, a sought-after artist from Anapa. His works ‘live’ throughout the world, including personal collections of Emperor of Japan, Roman Pope, and US ex-President Bill Clinton.
  • Vocal, instrumental and jazz tunes performed by the Premiera Creative Union, Krasnodar.
  • A performance of the illusionist Aleksei Lentochkin.
  • Thematic guided tastings of Fanagoria wines and brandies.

The official part of the festivity was followed with a banquet ‘Gastronomic Couples of Fanagoria’, guided by Deputy Director General Valentina Popandopulo and Brand Ambassador Nikolai Skiba.

Addressing the journalists, Director General Petr Romanishin noted that the new wine cellar is designed to store 5,000 barrels, or over a million bottles of premium wine a year. The overall yearly output is expected to reach 30 million bottles this year.

The new cellar will also contribute to the development of wine tourism in the Taman peninsula. Fanagoria plans to produce only high-quality subpremium and premium wines in the near future.

Photos by: Valeri Goncharov and Vladimir Anosov.

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