Fanagoria Oak Barrels Conquer Ukraine, Armenia

Last week Fanagoria's Master Cooper Vladimir Prisiazhniuk visited four Armenian wineries/brandy distilleries. Mr. Prisiazhniuk was quoted to say that it had proved very useful to compare the traits of Armenian (South Caucasian) oak wood with that from North Caucasus used at Fanagoria. Although having several cooperages in their country, the Armenian winemakers expressed their interest in the casks made by Fanagoria (The Old Russian Oak trademark). Currently, the negotiations are in progress to turn this interest into mutually fruitful cooperation.

Apart from the casks, Fanagoria Cooperage produces toasted brandy staves (as on today, the production volume is 6.5 cubic m).

Next week, The Old Russian Oak is exporting 60 barrels to the Crimea, Ukraine (Alef Vinal Company, Kerch).

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