Fanagoria Launches Two New Membrane-Coated Ceramic-Titanium Filters

In late November, Fanagoria commissioned two membrane filters for the bottling cellar. Their production speed is 8,000 liters an hour, and the price of each filter was € 180,000.

This was the second launch of new filters at the winery this year. Earlier, in July 2020, two membrane-coated ceramic-titanium filters made by PADOVAN, Italy were commissioned at Fanagoria’s wine cellars. Each of the devices can filter up to 16,000 liters an hour, which is double of the speed of the filters installed in the bottling cellar.

“The use of ceramic-titanium filters will be a leap forward as compared with kieselguhr (diatomite, perlite, or earth) and much more conventional pad (leaf) filters,” Chief Oenologist Yuri Uzunov explains. “They can withstand pressures of 20 bars, and their working speed resembles that of racing cars, amounting to 16,000 liters, that is up to 16 tons of wine an hour!”

When membrane filters are used, there is no need to regularly buy such expendables as kieselguhr or filtering pads; what is consumes is only washing material. As a result, despite their rather high cost (each filter of the kind costs more than € 200,000), the work of a filter can repay in three years, provided the five-year warranty period.

According to Fanagoria CEO Petr Romanishin, the purchase of four new filters was just a small part of the “Strategic development plan of Fanagoria Estate Winery for 2020–2022” which provides for the installation of new and reconstruction of existing equipment, introduction of most sophisticated production practices and best global experience with the only aim: to strive for better quality of the still and sparkling wines, brandies and grape marc vodka, and aspire to craft really great wines. 

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