Fanagoria Kicks Off Vintage 2019

On Monday, August 12, Fanagoria Estate Winery began the harvesting season for wine grape varieties. The viticulturists are planning to gather – for the first time in the history of the Company – 30,000 tons of grapes from own vineyard facilities (the area of the fruit-bearing grapes is 2,700 hectares).

The first earliest-ripening grapes to come to the winery were Platovsky (selected by the scientific research institute in Rostov region) and Chardonnay (the first lots of this variety will go to distillate brandy spirits). The lab analysis showed a high level of sugar – about 22%.

Following the old corporate tradition, the first tractor loaded with the grapes ‘ran over’ a red stripe, and Denis Fedchenko, the driver, got a gift, inhouse made marc vodka, from Head Winemaker Yuri Uzunov. Immediately after that, another tradition was fulfilled – the tractor was sprinkled with Fanagoria-made brut. The final ceremony was raising glasses to the new vintage, the beginning of the season and future Fanagoria wines.

This year, the harvesting season began 15 days earlier than usually (but five days later than in the hot year of 2018), owing to the extraordinarily high temperatures in June. The winery’s daily processing capacity is 800 to 1,000 tons of grapes. The grapes will be harvested with machines and manually – the latter technique will be applied for higher-end products, including all wines of protected appellation.

Of late, the area of Fanagoria vineyards and, correspondingly, the vintage dynamics have grown significantly: back in 2004, the company gathered 6,800 tons from the area of 1,000 Ha; in 2010, the figures were 11,900 tons and 1,300 Ha; finally, last year – 26,300 tons from 2,600 Ha. The average yield was 9.9 tons per hectare.

The harvesting of early-ripening table varieties began on July 24. Then, during the first day of the campaign, the viticulturists gathered 18 tons of red table grapes.

We want to grasp this chance and congratulate Yuri Uzunov on the occasion of his 35th harvesting season.

In the nearest months, we will be experiencing sleepless nights and laborious work round-the-clock. The season has started. Do wish us good luck!

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