Fanagoria has become a corporate member of the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association

We are happy to announce that Fanagoria can now enjoy full rights and privileges of a corporate member of the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA). Fanagoria has for several years been a partner of CERBA. Its wines and brandies have been regularly presented at business receptions, concerts and other activities organized by the association. Nathan Hunt, Chairman of CERBA’s Moscow Board and founder of the Association, was quoted as saying that when he had for the first time tasted Fanagoria wines, he was struck by their flavour and taste, and when he learnt of their retail price, he not just became a regular buyer of these wines but also highly recommended them to his numerous business partners and friends – both in Russia and in Canada, where he would bring them as a personal present.

“Now we can’t imagine our meetings without Fanagoria wine,” Mr. Hunt says. “Fanagoria is an excellent example of a Russian regional product that can and should become a signature brand of the Kuban region. It’s so natural and correct when Russian wine is served for events hosted by Russian business circles. I am glad that I had a chance to introduce Fanagoria wines to my business partners, and, because of my efforts, quite a few foreign companies switched to Fanagoria wines for birthday parties and corporate events held at their Moscow offices.”

Several Russian wineries are currently taking part in the implementation of the national project “Export and international cooperation.” Fanagoria Estate Winery is known to be actively promoting Russian wine at the international market. The Winery delivers to China, Germany, Kazakhstan and several other countries. As for the export to Canada, Fanagoria is now discussing its possibility with a potential importer, Mikhail Leluk, Fanagoria Export Manager, said. “We are hoping that we can reckon on CERBA’s assistance in our entering the Canadian wine market,” Mr. Leluk said.

Briefly about the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA).

CERBA is an independent non-profit organization that promotes bilateral trade and investment between Canada and Eurasia. CERBA is a membership-based association that represents over 200 corporations and individuals from various industry sectors. With its network of nine regional offices located in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Canada, CERBA supports its members business development with international conferences and seminars, B2B meetings, trade missions, and market intelligence.

CERBA is known to act as an advocate for business to governments in Canada and Eurasia. CERBA is a co-founder of the Russia-Canada Business Council (RCaBC) and the Kazakhstan-Canada Business Council (KCBC) – organizations designed to promote bilateral business cooperation and address specific issues through sector-based committees.

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