Fanagoria Continues Exports To Japan

In July, Fanagoria shipped another batch of wine to Japan. The consignee is Ikemitsu Enterprises Co., Ltd., Fanagoria’s long-standing partner: it was Ikemitsu that imported Russian wine for the first time in the history of bilateral trade relations between the two countries back in 2005. For Fanagoria Estate Winery, it also was the first export experience.

The cooperation of the two companies resumed last year. Since then, Fanagoria has dispatched two shipments to Ikemitsu, and one more to another Japanese company.

The press service of Fanagoria was quoted as stating that the Japanese partners work in full accordance with the business ethics usual for that country: they buy a little and continue to scrutinize the assortment, but pay promptly and very accurately.

This batch is not large: in total, 834 bottles of eight wines: Aligoté – Riesling, Saperavi – Krasnostop, F-Style Saperavi, Autochthon Krasnostop, A Hundred Shades of Red – Saperavi 2016, liqueur late-harvest wines Muscat and Saperavi from Velvet Season collection, and brut Madame Pompadour. It is worth noting that the Japanese partners tend to prefer the indigenous grape varieties and – which is traditional for Japan – to sweet wines (earlier this year, Muscat Velvet Season was awarded a silver medal of the 6th international tasting competition, Sakura, held in Japan).

The other Fanagoria’s export destinations include China and Germany. Besides, the winery’s Export Department is negotiating with importers from several other countries.

Foto by @alenalibertina.

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