Fanagoria Catches Restaurateurs' Tastes

The Taste of Moscow Fair held on Nov 22 - 24 witnessed a real breakthrough it the metropolitan restaurateurs and someliers' attitude to the Russian wine: for the first time, the chefs and owners of Moscow's poshest restaurants (Novikov Group, Bontempi, Ragout, and others) would willingly come to the stands of Russian winemakers to taste their wine. Mr. Valentino Bontempi, for instance, offered to send Fanagoria wines to their somerlier to taste for the purpose of their possible inclusion into the restaurant's wine card. Following Ragout chef's example, other chefs would come to our stand looking for our novelty - the chacha, or the grape vodka, showcased at the Fair.

The Taste of Moscow is a festival of Moscow's best restaurants targeted at consumers of high-quality service, savoury food and premium-class beverages. During the Festival, the chefs showcased special menus compiled of their most favourite meals.

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