Fanagoria Buys New Containers for Sparkling Wines, PetNats

Fanagoria Estate Winery has purchased 500 containers to be used in production of classic sparkling wines and PetNats. The containers were imported from Portugal. They will be used for wine storage and fermentation. Owing to the metallic frame with apertures, these constructions will be an effective replacement for the wooden containers used until recently.

“Heat exchange is one of the constituents of the success of classic sparkling wines. In metal containers, heat exchange takes place much more efficiently during the second fermentation,” Chief Sparkling Winemaker Alexander Beryozov recounted. “So far, we made classic sparkling wine in small volumes, but as soon as we bottle the 2019 vintage, we will have about 470,000 bottles of classic sparkling wine. To achieve high quality, what we need is not only the cellar but also correct – from the viewpoint of heat exchange – containers for tirage fermentation and cuvée storage.”

It is comprehensive professionalism, attention to minute details, installation of state-of-the-art equipment, and streamlining of the work at every stage that let us craft the product we are so much proud of – wines and spirits with a splendid price-to-quality ratio.

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