Fanagoria Buys Hi-Tech Harvesting Machine

The Fanagoria Group of Companies has purchased a hi-tech French-made combine harvester, Gregoire GL 8.6. Owing to its technical features, the new grape harvester has lots of advantages: it is convenient- and easy-to-use, and picks grapes much more thriftily. The new combine is already taking part in the 2020 vintage; it was used to harvest Chardonnay and Bianca grapes.

“This machine has the most spacious cab among those available in the market. It assures ideal alignment in row due to the central location of the cab and equal view both sides of it. The joystick can move in all directions, it is ergonomic, compact and has lots of functions,” Chief Engineer Mikhail Ostapenko explains. “The machine is easy-to-use but very reliable and powerful. The construction of the shaker allows to perform gentle and sparing shaking of the vine, without damaging it or destroying the fruit owing to the decompression zone. At the cost of the construction of the conveyor belt, the extractor can remove leaves without getting damp. The machine has a new highly-efficient (up to 98%) feature of cleaning the grapes off leaves, twigs and stems.”

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