Fanagoria Brut Blanc de Blancs 2017 Gets Gold Medal in Burgundy

The méthode classique Blanc de Blancs 2017 brut has been awarded a gold medal of the international competition Chardonnay du Monde held annually in Burgundy, France. One more wine presented by Fanagoria Estate Winery, Chardonnay A Hundred Shades of White 2017 received a silver medal.

Alexander BeryozovFanagoria Sparkling Winemaker and the author of the championing wine, noted that the fact that this high prizes was awarded in Burgundy is really worth its weight: “this is a recognition of our craftsmanship by the homeland of this classic grape variety.”

It is noteworthy that Fanagoria Blanc de Blancs Brut had already been three times awarded silver medals of this competition: in 2017 – the 2015 vintage wine; in 2016 – the 2014 vintage; and in 2015 – the 2013 vintage. And now we managed to climb the summit!

Besides, this high evaluation was another proof of the success achieved by this wine at the tasting competition annually held in Moscow by the Russian research institute of winemaking industry.

As for the other prizewinning wine, Chardonnay A Hundred Shades of White, less than a month ago this wine of the preceding vintage was marked with an 89-point score given by Mark Squires, a judge of Robert Parker’s renowned team of tastersThereby, a new medal conferred on the same wine of the following vintage proves stability of the quality of Fanagoria top wines.

Commenting on this success, General Director Petr Romanishin noted that by releasing 20,136 bottles of the prizewinning brut, Fanagoria disclosed the potential of its winemakers and classical technologies used by them. “Besides, the gold medal given to our brut was the first top prize any Russian wine had ever received at this competition,” he emphasised.

The 27th international competition “Chardonnays du Monde” was held at Château des Ravatys, owned by Pasteur Institute, in Saint-Lager, France on March 11–13. The judges had to taste 658 Chardonnay samples of various styles coming from 37 countries of the world. After three days of extensive tasting, the best wines were awarded 218 medals, including 58 gold awards. The top ten wines came from ten countries: Australia, Canada, Czechia, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, and the USA.

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