Fanagoria Begins Exports to Latvia, Finland

In late January, Fanagoria Estate Winery shipped the first export consignments to Finland and Latvia.

The Finnish importer that works both with the national alcohol monopoly and the HORECA sector received white Autochthon Sibirkovy and red A Hundred Colours of Russia. Tzimlansky Black wines – 864 bottles in total.

This consignment became the result of the presentation of Kuban wines performed at the Russian Embassy in Finland last March, just before the closure of state borders. The presentation was attended by executive officers of the national alcohol monopoly, importers and owners of restaurants selling imported wines. Predictably, special interest was given to wines crafted from indigenous grape varieties – it was them that our Finnish partner had eventually chosen.

The 1,062-bottle consignment to Latvia was also rather peculiar: it consisted of ice wines (Ice Wine Riesling, Ice Wine Cabernet), late harvest wines (Velvet Season: Muscat and Riesling), Russian Oak Brandy (f5-year-old), and Muscat Chacha (grape pomace vodka).

Fanagoria beverages are already being sold in the importer’s boutique in Riga. The owner Sergei Dervanov said that although they do sell dry wines, they decided to “expand at the cost of wines that are not available in other wine shops.” He added that “there are quite a lot of such lovers [of ice and late harvest wines].” Mr. Dervanov imparted that he had known Fanagoria wines for a good while, since he had visited the winery back in 2012. Then he saw Fanagoria wines selling in Germany, and decided to buy them from Fanagoria’s German partner – and now time came for the first direct delivery from Russia.

In 2020, Fanagoria Estate Winery exported to China, Germany and Kazakhstan. Presently it holds negotiations on exports to several other countries. 

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