Everyday Work, or How to Spare 2 Mn Roubles on Gas

Let us talk about thrift and economy. Back in 2014, the Fanagoria engineers understood that the booming increase of the winery’s output would in four years result in shortfall in power supply. To resolve the issue, two gas-powered electrical generators (MWM TCG 2020 V12K) were installed with the total capacity of 2.0 MW. Now they cover more than 60% of the Company’s needs in electric power. However, the problems with airing of the motor oil initially used for the generators, and the related stoppages gave us serious concern, because they limited the amount of generated power.

A team of Shell experts proposed us to use Shell Mysella S5 N 40 motor oil for the gas-powered engines, accompanied with the Shell LubeAnalyst monitoring program every 500 motor-hours. The choice of the right product that took into consideration the peculiarities of the working process, together with regular monitoring of its work let us increase the intervals between oil replacements from 1,000 to 3,000 hours without detriment to the efficiency of the equipment. By reducing the standstills and maintenance frequency, Fanagoria managed to save more than 1.8 million roubles within a year.

This is how we are used to working: by installing advanced equipment and optimizing the work, we manage to craft wines and spirits with an excellent ‘price to quality’ ratio.

Thank you, Shell!

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