Red dry wine, protected appellation of origin ‘Sennoi’
Grapes: Saperavi
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 12-14%

Peculiarities of vinification. The dark red wine is crafted from selected Saperavi grapes, cultivated at Fanagoria’s best vineyards located in the Taman peninsula. The grapevines are cultivated with the use of most state-of-the-art viticultural technologies; the grapes are harvested manually as soon as they have reached the optimum level of ripeness. Following meticulous sorting and destalking, the berries are exposed to temperature-controlled fermentation. The wine was matured in an oak barrel for a year, with a subsequent bottle seasoning for at least 6 months.

Sensory characteristics. Bouquet: with well-developed maturation notes and touches of prunes, sloes, chocolate and vanilla. Taste: extractive, velvety, and fresh, with a strong fruity finish.

To be served at 16 - 18 °С.

Important! In Georgian, Saperavi means ‘painter’, ‘dye’, ‘colour giver’, because the berries of this grape variety contain a great number of anthocyans (a colouring matter), so do not wonder if your mouth and the glass will become coloured after you have tasted this wine.


  • 2015 vintage wine – Silver medal of Black Sea Wines 2017, category: red wines of 2015 and younger vintages
  • 2015 vintage wine – 1st place in Red Wines category, St. Petersburg Sommelier School’s Cup, 2018
  • 2015 vintage wine – Silver medal of the 20th tasting contest at Prodexpo International Fair, Moscow, 2018


Artist about Vintage Saperavi 2016

Out in the Gulf of Finland, not a margin of land is seen. No clue where it is, the helmsman says that Hanko is by the right hand. Surprisingly, it’s calm.
The sun reflected over the surface in apricot tint helps to outline the carbon sails out of the water. So I was sitting with a musing indifference to everything, even to myself, then suddenly a bang. It hit me from behind — the giek. It’s cold overboard.

Illustrator's wine blog @wine_routine 

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