Southern Chacha (Yuzhnaya)

Grape marc distillate
Grapes: Aligoté, Bianca, Pervenec Magarach
Volume 500 ml
Alcohol 40%

Manufacturing peculiarity. Chacha is crafted from Pervenec Magarach, Aligoté and Bianca grapes grown in the historical winemaking region of Fanagoria, Taman peninsula.

Sensory peculiarities. It has a soft fruity flavour with lively nuances of pear, freshly picked grapes and flowering grapevine. Chacha has a light, soft and harmonious taste with appetizing notes of freshly baked bread, white raisins and pear, and a prolonged grape aftertaste.

Does not have to be chilled before serving. A good match to Russian and Caucasus cuisines.

Serving advice: a tulip-shaped glass.

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