Sauvignon Blanc White Brut

Sparkling wine of protected geographic indication “Kuban. Taman Peninsula”
Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 11-13%

Manufacturing technology. This Charmat-method sparkling wine is crafted from Suavignon Blanc grapes grown in Fanagoria vineyards, Taman peninsula with the use of restricted yield and manual harvesting techniques. An important feature is application of cold arrested fermentation.

Note! In the course of maturation, the wine’s colour may turn into light pink – due to the dry weather in 2020, genes imparted by Sauvignon Blanc’s forefather – Traminer Rosé, and use of ‘live fermentation’ with a minimum possible quantity of additives. The oenologists used this risky technique on purpose – to produce live and ‘organic’ wine.

Sensory features. A sparkling wine of light-strawy colour with greenish hues. Flavour: fresh and bright notes of maracuja, gooseberry, citric fruits (lime, white grapefruit, and lemon) and currant leaves. Palate: clean, crispy, and very juicy.

Food pairs. The wine goes well with fish, seafoods, sushi, young cheeses and light vegetable salads.

To be served at: 6-8 °C.

Recommended serving: flute-shaped glasses for sparkling wines.


Wine Enthusiast about Fanagoria Sauvignon Blanc Brut

And I must say that Fanagoria was pleased once again. Very decent brut, pleasant straw color, on the nose pear duchess and a light shade of citrus. White raspberries are added to the taste of them. All this leaves a wonderful aftertaste with a slight acidity.

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