Red dry wine
Grapes: Saperavi
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 12-14%

Peculiarities of vinification. NR Saperavi Fanagoria is an unoaked red dry wine crafted from Saperavi grapes, an indigenous variety of Georgia.

Sensory characteristics. Colour: rich red, with expressed purple flares, peculiar to this variety. Flavour: a harmonious weave of sour cherries, blackcurrants, wild violet and black pepper. Taste: rich, with a moderate grip and bright berrylike and fruity palette, delicately replenished with Oriental spices. Finish: berrylike, with nuances of prunes and pomegranate.

Food pairing: to go with fried meat and hard cheeses.

To be served at 16 – 18° C.

Important! In Georgian, Saperavi means ‘painter’, ‘dye’, ‘colour giver’, because the berries of this grape variety contain a great number of anthocyans (a colouring matter), so do not wonder if your mouth and the glass will become coloured after you have tasted this wine.

Recipe: Kebabs from oven under plum sauce, with red dry wine NR Saperavi.

Recipe: burgher with red dry wine Saperavi.


  • Gold medal of the 16th International fair Vinorus. Vinotech, 2014
  • Gold medal of the 17th International professional contest, Moscow, 2013
  • Silver medal of Anticea tasting contest, 2013
  • Gold medal of Vinnaya Karta Open – 2012
  • Silver medal of AWC Vienna, Austria, 2012
  • Gold medal of AWC Vienna, Austria, 2011
  • Gold medal of South Russia tasting contest, 2011
  • Bronze medal of International Wine Challenge, London 2011
  • Bronze medal of Vinnaya Karta Open – 2011
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