GI red dry wine
Grapes: Merlot
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 12-14%

Peculiarities of vinification. NR Merlot Fanagoria is a dark-red wine from the classic Merlot variety, grown at own vineyards in the Taman peninsula. 

Sensory characteristics. Flavour: black berries (blackcurrants, blackberries, blueberries, bilberries), poppy straw, light ink and tobacco nuances. Taste: soft and velvety, with flowery and pepper- and berrylike notes: sour cherries, blackcurrants, plums.

Food pairing: to go with shashlik, grilled meat, and baked beef.

To be served at 16 °С.

Recipe: turkey shashlik under sauce with baked plums, with red dry wine NR Merlot.

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