Fanagoria, 7 years

Russian Brandy
Grapes: Aligoté, Bianca
Volume 500 ml
Alcohol 40%

Manufacturing peculiarity. All manufacturing operations have been performed by Fanagoria Estate Winery: special ‘brandy’ grapevines were cultivated in the corporate vineyards in the Taman peninsula; distillation was performed in the inhouse copper alembic; the brandy spirits were matured in Caucasian oak barrels crafted by the Fanagoria cooperage.

Product peculiarity. The brandy is crafted using the classical technology from minimum 7-year-old brandy distillates from Bianca, Pervenets Magaracha, Aligoté and Levokumsky grapes of the vintages 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Sensory characteristics. Colour – amber. Bouquet – harmonious combination of tones of noble oak wood and smoked fruits: figs, dried apricots and prunes, and meadow flowers, vanilla and pine nut. Taste – soft and warming, with a prolonged walnut-chocolate finish.

Serving advice: a tulip-shaped glass.

We guarantee precise adherence to all traditional brandy production technologies, and scrupulous quality control of the grapes, distillates and the entire process of brandy maturation.


  • Gold medal at TerraVino Mediterranean International Wine & Spirit Competition, Israel, 2019
  • Silver medal of the XXII tasting contest of the international exhibition PRODEXPO, Moscow, 2020
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