F-Style Platovsky

White medium dry wine of PGI Kuban. Taman Peninsula
Grapes: Platovsky
Sugar 10 g/l
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 12,5%

Peculiarities of vinification. This wine is crafted from Platovsky grape variety, grown in the Fanagoria vineyard facility and exposed to ‘green harvest’ technology. Hand harvesting. The technology of stopping the fermentation using cold.

Sensory characteristics. Light straw color. Flavour: tones of wild herbs, meadow flowers and citrus fruits. The taste is fresh, balanced with a long citrus aftertaste.

Food pairing: to be paired with seafood: mussels, oysters, raps. Perfect with fish dishes, white meat with stewed or baked vegetables.

To be served at 10 - 12 ºС.

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