Extra Brut Rosé

Rosé Sparkling wine of PGI "Kuban. Taman Peninsula"
Grapes: Pinot Noir
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 11-13%

A méthode classique wine crafted from Pinot Noir grapes and aged for two years.

A bright-pink wine with a lively lustre and fine-dispersed and steady foaming. Flavour – with notes of white currants, flowering willow, cowberries, raspberries and wild strawberries. The wine is exquisite and well-balanced on the palate, with a long berrylike aftertaste.

To be served at 8-10 °C.



Anastasia Yagodina, sommelier, about Fanagoria Extra Brut Rosé 2014

Absolutely delicate wild strawberry with cream in the nose. The wine’s fudgy colour entices farther into dreamy and romantic mood.

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