White dessert wine
Grapes: Rhine Riesling
Sugar 120 g/l
Volume 500 ml
Alcohol 12%

Peculiarities of vinification. This lively sweet straw-coloured wine is crafted from Rhine Riesling grapes, grown in the vineyard of the protected geographical indication «Kuban. Taman peninsula». The grapes are left on the vine until the sugar level of 320-330 g/l is attained. Due to the high density of the wine and the sugar level, the fermentation proceeds very slowly and requires permanent control of winemakers – but it eventually gives a light sweet wine.

Sensory characteristics. Flavour: rich, with notes of flowering daffodils, lime, grapefruit and fruit jam. Taste: fresh, with excellent acidity and wide spectrum of notes of smoked fruits and orange peels. Finish: long, citric-like.

To be served at 5-7 °С.

Food pairing: desserts based on white creamy jam, dried fruit or fresh pears, apples, peaches and candied fruit; vanilla plombières; squids with mushrooms in sour-sweet sauce.



Denis Rudenko, Russian wine expert

«[Velvet Season Saperavi] is a passito style on the Russian land. All four Fanagoria Velvet Season wines are very nicely crafted wines, with an excellent acidity, well-balanced and intense».

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