Ice Wine Riesling

White ice wine
Grapes: Rhine Riesling
Sugar 160 g/l
Volumes: 100 ml, 375 ml
Alcohol 10-12%

Peculiarities of vinification. This white dessert wine is crafted from late-harvested Rhine Riesling grapes, grown at Fanagoria vineyards.

Sensory characteristics. The flavour of this light-straw-coloured wine combines notes of melliferous plants, citric peel, melon, and smoked fruit with inclusion of mineral and herbal strokes. Taste: rich and fresh, with excellent acidity, well-balanced, with notes of honey, lemon and orange peel, dried fruit, melon and apple, and spicy herbs. Finish: prolonged, ‘ripe’, fruity and citric.

Food pairing: this wine is an excellent fit to lemon and orange desserts or pastry, duck liver pâtés, and blue cheeses.

To be served at 5 - 7 °С.

Ice wine production technology and a bit of history.

Recipe: Pavlov Cake with Ice Wine Riesling.


  • Gold medal of the 16th International fair Vinorus. Vinotech 2013
  • Vintage 2017 - 86 points, WineIncognito - 2019, Moscow, Russia
  • Silver medal of China Wine Awards 2011
  • Gold medal of the international wine contest, Bulgaria, 2011
  • Bronze medal of South Russia tasting contest, 2011
  • Silver medal of China Wine Awards 2012


Judges of WineIncognito testing competition about Ice Wine Riesling 2017

A moderate flavour with hints to tertiary aromas, orange blossom, apricot, caramel, acacia, orange and lemon peel, pineapple, and lemon. Well balanced. A medium aftertaste. 86/100

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