Ice Wine Muscat

White ice wine
Grapes: Muscat
Sugar 155 g/l
Volumes: 100 ml, 375 ml
Alcohol 10-12%

Peculiarities of vinification. This white dessert wine is crafted from late-harvested Muscat grape varieties, grown at Fanagoria vineyards.

Sensory characteristics. Colour: amber, with golden hues. Flavour: bright honeylike and flowery, with citric and fruity notes. Taste: fresh, full and intensive, with notes of ripe fruit, honey, and citric peel. Finish: prolonged, fruity and citric.

Food pairing: this wine may become a splendid finale of your repast as an exquisite independent beverage. It also fits well to fruit desserts, foie gras, blue cheeses and ripe autumn fruit.

To be served at 5 - 7 °С.

Ice wine production technology and a bit of history.

Recipe: Truffle honey-cake with Ice Wine Muscat Fanagoria.


  • Silver medal of AWC Vienna 2011
  • Silver medal of South Russia tasting contest, 2011
  • Silver medal of China Wine Awards 2012


Sommelier Anastasia Yagodina about Ice Wine Muscat 2015

Sappy yellow fruit, sugared honey, and delicate muscatel flavours – all in one glass. There’s no better dessert.

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