Chacha Aqua Vitae

Grape pomace vodka (chacha)
Grapes: Bianca
Volume 700 ml
Alcohol 41%

Manufacturing technologyThis grape distillate was obtained from Bianca grapes (vintage – 2009) by double distillation in copper alembics. The grapes were grown in Fanagoria vineyards, the Taman peninsula.

The distillate was matured for at least 10 years in medium-toasted Caucasian oak barrels – the barrels were not changed over the entire maturation.

Release: 2,970 bottles.

Sensory features. Colour: golden. Flavour: fruity, with hints of apricots, figs, peaches, pears and vanilla. Taste: soft and oily, with a pleasant fruity finish.

Recommended serving: in tulip-shaped glasses.

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