Cabernet Franc Off-Dry Rosé

Rosé Sparkling Off-Dry Wine
Grapes: Cabernet Franc
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 10-12%

A wine of a nice salmon colour, with a mouth-watering flowery-honeylike aroma with notes of wild strawberry, raspberry and rose. Taste – bright and spicy, with dominating notes of strawberry and red currants, and a prolonged spicy-creamy aftertaste.

To be served chilled down to 6-8 °С as a digestive to desserts, fruits, and ice cream.



Wine Guide by Roskachestvo (‘Russian Quality’) about Fanagoria Cabernet Franc Demi Sec Rosé

A clear pink wine with a raspberry hue. Intensive foaming. Flavour: clean and medium-intensive, with prevailing notes of red fruit. Taste: intensive and fruity, with well-balanced sweetness. Aftertaste: medium-lived, with a slight note of red fruits. This well-balanced wine makes a very positive impression.

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