Not very complicated but lively flavour; varietal aromas nicely fit with tertiary flavours; dark sour cherry, black plum, cinnamon, smoked meat, a box of cigars, bread. Well-balanced. A medium finish. 87/100.

Autochthon Tsimlansky Black

Very sophisticated and variegated flavour; the notes flow over one another – fennel, butter, caramel, cedar, and black fruits. High acidity, smooth body and long finish. The fist that came to my mind was roasted bacon, quiche Lorraine, bacon sirloin steak, and game rillette.

Aleksei Nesmeyanov, Simple Collection

A Hundred Shades of Red. Saperavi

The flavour cannot be described as plain – it is young and it has medium strength: red currants, brioche, bananas, and croutons. Well-balanced. An average aftertaste.

Rose Brut

An avalanche, fireworks, flavour bomb, and tsunami of helmet shell and prunes. A light meaty tone in the marinade with spicy herbs and black pepper. A nice, super-ripe, fresh, tender and lively fruitiness. A tango of excellent acidity and splendid body.

Olga Liashchuk, Twins Wine Chef Sommelier

A Hundred Shades of Red. Saperavi

Colour: light golden, with a greenish hue. Pleasant foaming of minute bubbles. A steady flavour of green apple, elderberry, lemon, minerality and tropical fruits. A light wine with fresh acidity and slight bitterness on the palate. Ready for consumption.

Extra Brut White 2014

“The flavour is rather compound (but could be even more compound), with an above-the-medium intensity level. The tertiary flavours are distinctive, yet the varietal aromas continue to dominate: blackberries and black plum. A well-balanced wine with a medium-long aftertaste. 88/100.

Appraisal by the WineIncognito jury, Moscow, 2019

One Hundred & One Shades of Red. Saperavi

It is a clear wine of light straw colour with a golden hue. Good foaming and sparkling faculties. Flavour: with average intensity and clear. Taste: intensive, without alien tones. Aftertaste: clear but not long.

Madame Pompadour Brut

Quite a complex flavour (but it could have been even more complex), with a medium-plus intensity, varietal and tertiary flavours are in equal parts, raspberry, strawberry, red sour cherry, dark cherry, black plums, and chocolate. Well-balanced. A higher-than-average finish. 90/100.


Colour: straw, with a green shine. Average foaming with big bubbles. The flavour leaves a very pleasant first impression: gooseberries, lemon peels, bananas and green apples. Light wine with very fresh acidity. Ready for consumption.

White brut

A clear straw-coloured wine with a slight greenish hue and lustre. Flavour: clear, intensive, typical for Muscat varieties, with notes of white flowers of sweet white fruit. Taste: clear and intensive, with continuation of fruity notes and well-balanced sweetness. Aftertaste: medium-lived, fruity and refreshing. This well-balanced wine makes a very positive impression.

Muscat Ottonel White Medium Sweet