Calls Fanagoria “Brand of the Year”, a popular Russian wine portal, has reportedly distinguished Fanagoria in two nominations:

  • White Wine of the Year – oaked white dry wine Cru Lermont Chardonnay 2015, GI Kuban, Taman Peninsula;
  • Brand of the Year. Our congratulations go to Marketing Director Yelena Mikhailishina who developed and introduced a complex brand promotion strategy.

Below we set forth some quotations from the portal:

“In contemporary Russia, wine marketing is still a very difficult story. Branding of separate regions, let alone wineries is hardly working there. But Fanagoria shows that the situation may differ. That is why, it has hired a team of brand ambassadors: Vladislav Gratsiansky, Nikolai Skiba, and Ivan Lazarev. As a matter of fact, it’s Fanagoria Estate Winery that promotes in Russia the very notion of an expert personifying and propagandizing the brand. “

About Cru Lermont Chardonnay 2015:

“An excellent sample of well-balanced varietal wine and stable quality. With rich vanilla and citric tones on the nose, it pleases by its exotic ‘fruit-drop’ taste and pleasant acidity in the finish.”

All the best to all Fanagoria team on the occasion of their well-deserved victory and title of honour!

Photo by: @bagirka_rus.

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