Fanagoria's Saperavi Cru Lermont wins gold medal in Japan

At the Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Award 2015, Fanagoria’s Saperavi Cru Lermont 2012 has won a gold medal. This year, the total of 340 female judges had to assess 2904 entries from 27 countries of the world.

The Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Award is the largest wine competition in Japan judged exclusively by female wine specialists to decide on which wines the judges believe will appeal to women, and which ones pair well with international cuisines. According to its organizers, “this competition will energize the Japanese wine industry and increase the consumption of wine.”

The wines have been assessed by 6 categories: white, rosé and red still wines, sparkling wines, sweet and fortified wines. Apart from gold and silver medals, the competition gives special prizes, like The Best Wine of Japan; The Best Wine for Youth; The Best Wine Made by a Female Winemaker; The Best Wine Companion for Asian Cuisine; The Best Wine Label Design.

Women in Japan are reportedly increasingly taking the initiative in selecting and buying wine and attending wine schools. Another trend of the country’s current national wine market is the booming sales of the red wines, ascribed to the French paradox phenomenon and association between high-quality wine and healthy lifestyle. Statistically, women make up 46% of the total number of sommeliers and 62% of wine experts in Japan.

All wines awarded were exhibited at the main gate of Foodex Japan 2015 over the 4-day event that welcomed about 76,000 visitors. The official award book will be published in 30,000 copies and distributed in Tokyo’s numerous wine boutiques. 

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