Fanagoria Wins “Best Russian Charmat Sparkling Wine” Title, 5 Medals in Abrau Durso

The International Tasting Competition “Russian Union of Viticulturists and Winemakers’ Cup – 2016” was traditionally held in Abrau Durso as part of the agenda of the annual All-Russia Winemaking Summit. It is considered the most authoritative wine contest nationwide, involving the world’s leading wine experts as panel judges.

Fanagoria wines have won the following awards of the competition:

The jury panel of the RUVW Cup 2016 consisted of such well-known international wine experts as TV anchorman and bestselling author of wine books Oz Clarke (UK), wine expert of Central and East Europe Joseph Darrell (USA – Austria), executive director of the Russian Sommelier Association Anatoli Korneyev (Russia), president and founder of Grand Jury Européen and The World Wine Symposium François Mauss (France), owner of Taberna Wine Academy Tan Ying Hsien (Singapore), and representative of Maison M. Chapoutier and legend of global winemaking Michel Chapoutier (France).

Simple Wine News, Russia’s most competent authority in wine journalism, gave a special award “for the contribution in Russian winemaking” to Valentina Popandopulo, Fanagoria Quality and Research Director.

In his speech at the victory ceremony, Fanagoria CEO Petr Romanishin stressed that “the terroir of the Taman peninsula located in the world-famous ‘winemaking’ 45th degree North, is unique but remains undervalued. Usually the terroirs are renowned for some single activity or even grape variety, but the prizes we get every year at different tasting competitions have proved that the Taman land lets the our viticulturists and winemakers expose their talents as producers of grape distillates, white and red still wines, and in the ‘royal’ segment of sparkling wines.”

“I was especially pleased to learn of the new title of [our] Blanc de Blancs 2015 – ‘The Best Russian Charmat Sparkling Wine’. All my colleagues and I have for a long time been dreaming of it, working hard to perfect the technology we are using. Now we will be trying to achieve a breakthrough in the category of méthode classique sparkling wines,” Mr. Romanishin was quoted as saying at the ceremony.

“I would also like to distinguish the grounds of Russian Wine House Abrau Durso hosting our summit and the tasting contest. We appreciate our colleagues for their unbiased attitude and honesty, for the huge labour they have put into the organization of this event, for their hospitality and warm atmosphere.

“On behalf of Fanagoria Estate Winery, let me congratulate our colleagues on the numerous medals they have been awarded, and thank them for the scrupulous and hard work and for our common contribution in the advancement of Russian winemaking. And I would like to greet all Fanagoria staff with our excellent results. [For our motto is] Noblesse oblige.”

© Photos by Abrau Durso Wine House Press Service


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