Fanagoria consolidates its positions in the Crimea

After DP "Black Sea Coast" (Shatto Sant' Daniel) and  NPAO "Massandra" the barrels  with the “Old Russian Oak”  logo  conquer  wine-making and cognac productions of the Crimea.

On December the  14th  the cooper's shop JSC APF Fanagoria within the signed contracts carried out the first delivery of 60 barrels with a capacity of 500 liters on cognac production of Alef-Vinal Crimea group of companies ( village  Pochtovoye , in the suburb of Simferopol).

In these barrels the enterprise plans to carry out aging  of old cognac alcohols that is very honorable for our cooperage. The enterprise has  more than 1 million decalitres of cognac alcohols being aged in  barrels .  Next year some more deliveries of similar barrels will be carried out.

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