Fanagoria Buys Italian Fermentation Tanks

Fanagoria Estate Winery has purchased 12 fermentation tanks made by LASI, Italy. The volume of each tank is 60,000 l. Their distinctive feature is that during the process of fermentation, the must is being stirred up with inert gas injected from outside, which breaks up the fermenting ‘cap’.

The tanks are equipped with Mythos software which enables the must to ferment under manageable pressure, ideally saturate it with oxygen at strictly controlled temperature. For the purpose of breaking up the ‘cap’, the gas is injected into the tank at a low pressure of 0.5 bar. The ‘cap’ is broken to prevent its acescence. Structurally, the tank consists of two chambers: a fermenting tank itself and a gas accumulation tank.

“By buying twelve tanks, we will be able to increase the volume of fermentation of red grapes must by 3,500 tons,” Head Oenologist Yuri Uzunov noted.

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