Signature Platovsky – Riesling

GI white medium dry wine
Grapes: Platovsky, Rhine Riesling
Sugar 10 g/l
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 12-14%

The wine from Platovsky and Riesling grapes cultivated at Fanagoria vineyards in the Taman peninsula.

Colour – light-straw with greenish hues. Flavour – notes of field grasses, meadow flowers and citric fruit. Taste – fresh and well-balanced, with notes of white berries and fruits, and a prolonged citric finish.

The 2015 release was limited by the only bottling of 34,800 bottles.

Platovsky, the main variety of the blend, was grown at a special vineyard block not exposed to chemical treatment. Platovsky was selected by Potapenko Research Institute in Novocherkassk, Rostov region, and is a sample of inter-clonal selection, i.e. it is resistant to bacterial diseases and pests.

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