Signature Cabernet – Tsimlansky Black

GI red dry wine
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Tsimlansky Black
Alcohol 12-14%

This wine is a blend of the international variety Cabernet Sauvignon and indigenous Russian grape Tsimlansky Black, cultivated at Fanagoria vineyards, part of the protected geographical indication “Kuban. Taman Peninsula.”

Colour – rich red. Notes of black berries in the flavour are framed with shades of morocco. Taste – well-structured, with notes of blackcurrants, blackthorn, sour cherry and prunes, framed with garrigue shades. Aftertaste – long, pleasantly gripping, berrylike-peppery.

A perfect match to a wide assortment of grilled meals: veal and lamb steaks, fried sausages with baked vegetables.

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