Tsimlyansky Black

GI red dry wine
Grapes: Tsimlansky Black
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 12-14%

The wine is crafted from Cimlansky Black, a rare indigenous grape of the Don Valley origin, grown at Fanagoria vineyards in the Taman peninsula. Flavour: intense, with notes of sour cherries, sloes, prunes, bitter chocolate and nuances of torrid grass. Taste: fresh and velvety, with notes of dark berries and plumes, and spicy nuances. Finish: chocolate and berries.

To be served at 14-16 °С.

This wine would be a nice pair to red meat and game, especially shashlik, sausages and grilled meat.

Recipe: turkey rolls with ham and sour cherry, with red dry wine NR Cimlansky Black.


  • Bronze medal of International Wine Challenge, London 2011
  • Bronze medal of "Vinnaya Karta Open" 2011
  • Bronze medal of South Russia 2011 tasting contest
  • Silver medal of AWC Vienna, Austria, 2012
  • Bronze medal of the International Wine Challenge, London 2013
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