Red dry oaked wine, protected appellation of origin ‘Sennoi’
Grapes: Merlot
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 13,5%

The wine is crafted from Merlot grapes, cultivated at Fanagoria’s best vineyards located in the Taman peninsula. Technological peculiarities: hand picking, soft processing, fermentation at low temperatures. The wine was matured for 12 months in French oak barriques.

Colour: dark-red. Flavour: notes of red wild berries, bell pepper, vanilla, suede and spices. Taste: soft, with velvety tannins, notes of ripe black berries and fruit. Finish: long, spicy and berrylike.

Wine and food pairs: steaks, mutton and lamb dishes with spicy herbs, warm meat salads and cold appetizers, pastas under rich gravies, pizza, seasoned cheeses.

To be uncorked 30 min. before serving; to be served at 16-17 °С.

Wine review: Cru Lermont Merlot 2013.

Recipe: Duck breast under spicy cranberry sauce with red dry oaked wine Cru Lermont Merlot.



WineIncognito Tasting Contest judges about Cru Lermont Merlot 2015

Quite a complex flavour (but it could have been even more complex), with a medium-plus intensity, varietal and tertiary flavours are in equal parts, raspberry, strawberry, red sour cherry, dark cherry, black plums, and chocolate. Well-balanced. A higher-than-average finish. 90/100.

Vladislav Gratsiansky, sommelier, about Cru Lermont Merlot 2013

Colour: red terracotta. Plum and blackberry in the nose meet vanilla and jam tones; delicate hints of animal notes and fresh milk. Palate: berrylike and jammy, with tender tones of sweet paprika and a creamy note. Acidity behaves delicately, keeping the balance, and it ends the aftertaste. The wine has a complex flavour and compound taste with a good balance between them.

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