Russian Brandy
Volume 500 ml
Alcohol 40%

Manufacturing peculiarity. The brandy is crafted by the classic technology from ten-year-old distillates matured in Fanagoria-made Caucasian oak barrels

Sensory characteristics. It boasts of a noble dark-amber colour typical for old brandies, a complex and brave bouquet with notes of oak, dried fruit, dried apricots and figs, and delicate flowery, vanilla, coffee and chocolate nuances. The taste is complete and velvety, with a long harmonious finish of walnut and rye bread.

Serving advice: a tulip-shaped glass.

We guarantee precise adherence to all traditional brandy production technologies, and scrupulous quality control of the grapes, distillates and the entire process of brandy maturation.


  • Gold medal of the international competition «South Russia – 2012»
  • Gold medal of the 16th International Professional Contest of Wines and Spirits 2012
  • Gold medal of International Wine Tasting Contest ‘Anticea 2013’
  • Bronze medal of the international competition «South Russia – 2013»
  • Gold medal of the international competition «South Russia – 2014»
  • Silver medal of the International competition «South Russia – 2016»
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