Autochthon Sibirkovy

White dry wine of PGI Kuban. Taman Peninsula
Grapes: Sibirkovy
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 12-13%

Wine of a light-straw colour with greenish hues. Flavour of steppe grasses and flowers: feather-grass, clover, milfoil and origanum. Taste – fresh and harmonious.


Maksim Vasilenko, chairman of Le Millésime Wine Club, about Autochthon Sibirkovy 2016

The wine has a primrose dress and flowery and very fresh aroma: meadow grasses and pear. Well-balanced taste with distinctive notes of pear, spicy herbs; fruit-drops and duchess pear in the aftertaste. A suddenly splendid price-to-quality ratio. The wine was tasted while watching a TV serial – all the time, it was opening up more and more: the fruity constituent was yielding to the spicy component. Recommended for purchase.

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