101 Shades of Red Cabernet Sauvignon

GI red dry oaked wine
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 12-14%

This wine is crafted from the international grape variety Cabernet Sauvignon manually picked from the selected best blocks with the yield restricted to 6 tons per Ha. The fully ripened and undamaged grapes are carefully taken to the winery. Pigage technique applied for must fermentation. Malo-lactic fermentation on the must. The wine matures for 12 months in a French oak barrique, and then for at least 6 months in bottles.

The release of this unique wine is limited to 242 bottles (1 barrique) only. Unlike its more numerous counterpart, A Hundred Shades of Res, this wine was never exposed to any treatment or filtration but bottled immediately after the barrique. Colour – dark-ruby. The complex bouquet combines tones of red berries, dark fruits and vanilla notes framed with noble oaky nuances. The wine feels juicy, full-bodied and sophisticated on the palate, with various notes of ripe berries and dried fruits, and a pleasant fruity finish.

A perfect match to game, soft cheeses and lamb baked in Provencal herbs.

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